18" x 36" acrylics on canvas. The image portrays a war-torn cityscape in the Middle-East, whose lone survivor, a little girl, is struck by awe at the presence of a giant sperm whale. Is this leviathan real or imagined? A closer look at the girl's stuffed companion provides the viewer with more clues.

Work is for sale- please enquire for further details.
Pacific Rainforest
3' x 5' Acrylics on canvas. A plethora of underwater organisms coexist with the terrestrial environment. The longer you spend looking at this canvas, the more you'll find. $4500.
Forest Salmon Run
18" x 36" acrylics on canvas. A school of Chinook Salmon traverse the coastal temperate rainforest of British Columbia, followed behind by a small pod of resident orcas. $1000 for original. Prints available in shop.
Blue Lavender Fields
24" x 36" acrylic and specialty paper on canvas. Part of the Terrestrial Whale series, this piece documents the journey of a blue whale traversing the cloudscape above fields of lavender. $800 for original. Prints available in shop.
18" x 36" Acrylics on canvas. Albion is the first of the Terrestrial Whale series. An albino humpback careens through forests inspired from the Pacific Northwest. $1200 for original, prints available in the shop.
Autumn Greys
18" x 36" acrylic on canvas. A mother and her calf slowly drift above the fallen leaves in autumn. $1200 for original. Prints available in shop.
Mountain Belugas
18" x 36" Acrylics on canvas. A small pod of belugas float into a cold mountain landscape, surveying the broad scene before them. $800 for original. Prints available in shop.
Canyon Dolphins
18" x 36" Acrylic on canvas. Inspired by the wavy sandstone canyons in Zion National Park, the scene didn't seem complete without a speedy pod of dolphins careening through the landscape. Original is SOLD! Prints still available in the shop.
Animal Mandala
4' x 4' Acrylic on canvas. This took over 6 months to paint, with over 80 species living and extinct depicted. NFS, private collection.
Infant Gorilla and Narwhal
Sky Whales
Indian ink, watercolour and salt on coloured paper
A pet portrait for a local client in North Vancouver. Made with Photoshop and Wacom tablet from several photo references.
Custom digitally painted pet portrait. $350. SOLD.
Green Dragons
Prints available in shop.
Mittens Commission
Commission for a client in North Vancouver. $300. SOLD.
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